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Dar al-Turath al-Islami (DTI) means the Home of Islamic Heritage; dar is ‘home’ and turath is ‘heritage’. Through a range of activities, such as memorizing the Qur’an and learning the shari’ah from classical Arabic texts, the dar seeks to open the door for students to our rich Islamic heritage and its scholars.

Dar al-Turath Al-Islami offers students the opportunity to study full-time if they are able. And for those whose commitments make full-time study impossible, they run classes in the evenings and over weekends too.

They realize that most students will be beginners in Arabic, so we start our shari’ah program with a year’s Arabic Intensive, in which we use a tried-and-tested curriculum that has equipped many students to understand Arabic within a year.

To date, hundreds of learners, men, and women, students, and professionals have participated successfully in our programs, reclaiming their share of the rich Islamic legacy of learning and scholarship.

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