Etiquettes of Companionship: an English translation of Adab as-Suhbah

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This Book Adab as-Suhbah (i.e. Risalat al-Anwar fi Adab as-Suhbah ‘inda’l-Akhyar) is one of Imam ash-Sha‘rani’s more popular works

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This Book Adab as-Suhbah (i.e. Risalat al-Anwar fi Adab as-Suhbah ‘inda’l-Akhyar) is one of Imam ash-Sha‘rani’s more popular works on disciplining the soul, strengthening the heart and freeing the mind. It encompasses teachings from the Holy Qur’an and the Noble Sunnah, and a multitude of sayings of the elite scholars, codified in a manner that eases understanding and implementing for the reader. This book consists of an introduction, three chapters; on the importance of companionship with utmost sincerity for the sake of the Creator, on rights of others and on etiquettes of the elite, respectively, and a conclusion dealing with the manners of dhikr (remembering God). In this particular edition, each distinct etiquette is numbered and the complete Arabic text is included at the end.

About the Author
The Author Imam ‘Abdulwahhab ibn Ahmad ash-Sha‘rani was born on 27th Ramadan 898AH/1493CE near Cairo, Egypt. He studied all four schools of Islamic jurisprudence, as well as all the major scholars on the various sciences who had preceded him. However, his primary objective was to bring people back to the essence of putting Islamic teachings into practice, and thus he focussed on tasawwuf (Islamic spiritual behaviourism), relying heavily on the instructions of his teachers and spiritual guides. Imam ash-Sha‘rani’s zawiyah (spiritual and academic centre), financially and politically independent, was a centre of academic and spiritual excellence, popular with students and disciples and a retreat for the tired and hungry. Imam ash-Sha‘rani passed away on 12th Jumada al-Ula, 973AH/1565CE and was buried inside his zawiyah.

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