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The Mission of Al Rawda is to enhance education and learning by giving people of all ages and walks of life the opportunity to come and engage in a wide range of learning programs and courses, that is both for spiritual and practical implementation.

The range of courses are offered under our three departments Jamia, Madrasa and College.
Each department caters for different types of learning. They have our Alimiyya programs for Individuals who would like to specialise in the advanced Islamic Sciences under our Jamia department. They have our Children’s Hifdz Class (memorisation of Quran), and our Maktab that teaches Islamic studies which broadly encompasses Learning Quran, Basic obligation like praying, fasting and purification, daily duas, Islamic moral etiquettes and manners and Seerah, this is under our Madrasa. Finally They have Rawda College. Under the College They run a wide range of courses. Although some maybe Islamically related however majority are for self-development like our short courses in Parenting, Drugs awareness or Money management. Others are for learning that could be linked to employment such as our Level 3 Award in Education and Training, which is for more advanced learners.

Al Rawda also runs events. The events range from conferences, seminars, talks and workshops with both an Islamic and secular and humanist focus. The events hope to address a variety of themes and topics on how to live practically as Muslim in Britain. They hope to invite on an occasional basis speakers from a board range of areas from academics and intellectuals, and Islamic scholars talking about a variety of issues that concern not only Muslims but broader society.

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