The Crown Jewel: DuratulTaj

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The Crown Jewel and Fundamental Needs of the Murid, Regarding the Essentials of the Rules & requirements of the Tariqa Tijaniyya Sufi Path.

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About The Book

A small but concise booklet outlining the authenticated practices of the Sunni Tijani Path of Ihsan. This treatise outlines the zikr, Awrad and rules of the Tijani initiate.

From The Back Cover

According to Kitab Ikhraj ash-Shurut lil Tariqa Tijaniyya by Shaykh al-Hadi ibn Sidi Mawlud Fal, the exoteric (zahiri) reason for this arrangement of the obligatory litany (wird al-lazim)-i.e. Istighfar, Salat 'ala Nabi, Haillah—is:

"This is the wird by which we seek the purification of the heart, as the purification of the heart is the building and edifice of Allah. The heart is the house of Allah, unless He is prevented from it, or rather, until it is polished and burnished of the dirt and filth of sins and such. So Shaykh Tani begins the wird with Istighfar to refine, cultivate and polish the heart of the dirt and filth. Then he follows this with Salat `ala Nabi, as it enlightens the heart in order that La ilaha it Allah find a place to firmly reside in, as La ilaha it Allah does not establish itself except in a heart which is polished and burnished of its sins. This is an exoteric (zahir) secret as to its arrangement."

Istighfar (Takhalliyat—to relinquish, surrender); Salat tala Nabi (Tahalliyat-to be beautified, adorned, distinguished); La ilaha il Allah (Tajalliyat-to manifest, or reveal itself; the theophany of Allah).

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EAN 13 / ISBN9781733963107
AuthorAbdul Kareem Ibn Arabbinis
TranslatorShaykh Hassan Cisse
EditorHiba Amattullah
PublisherFayda Books
Year Published2019
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