Lore of Light

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Lore of Light: Stories from the Lives of the Prophets, Based on Arab and Turkish Sources - From Adam to 'Isa (A.S.)

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About The Book

These miraculous stories of the Messengers of the Almighty and Merciful God, which are now again made accessible to the English-speaking reader, provide not only an unprecedented insight into the characters of outstanding men and women and their dazzling humanity – their laughter and their tears, their hopes and their fears – they are also nothing less than an outline of the history of mankind on this planet.

About The Author

Hajja Amina Adil, born in Kazan in the former Tatar Soviet Republic in 1933 as the third of four children, had fled with her family from anti-Islamic repression, first from the Soviet Union to the region of Turkish Erzurum, then following the disruptive introduction of secularism, from Turkey to Damascus, Syria. There she met ‘Abdullah ad-Daghistani, the Grand Sheikh of the honourable Naqshbandi-Tariqa, who arranged for the young woman to be married to his disciple and later successor Muhammad Nazim Adil.

She lived with him in the traditional setting of this Tariqa, following a tradition that goes back to Sayyidina Abu Bakr radiya llahu anhu, the companion of the Prophet salla llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, who carries the epithet as-Siddiq, “the sincere one”. The tales presented here bear the hallmark of credibility and are of special value.

From 1981, Hajja Amina lived with her family in Lefke on the island of Cyprus. She accompanied her husband on his journeys throughout the world, until her death in 2004, may Allah sanctify her soul.

Data sheet
EAN 13 / ISBN9789963401406
AuthorHajja Amina Adil
TranslatorRadhia Shukullah
PublisherSpohr Publishers
Year Published2020
Height8.5 Inches
Width5.4 Inches

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