Heavenly Wisdom: Contemporary Teachings of a Sufi Master

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“The taps are still connected, and refreshing waters come out of them also in present times, heavenly wisdom we just now are in need of.”

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About The Book

WHAT IS SUFISM? Shaykh Nazim has told us it is the rocket to our heavenly stations, the way to open the secret of our hearts, to find the jewel of our selves. The practice is based on love and discipline, and the guidance of a master (shaykh). The master is one who has already traveled the way and is authorized to bring us to the level which he has himself attained.

To reach the highest stations in Absolute Unity Oceans of Allah Almighty, we require a shaykh, a master, who has reached and tasted these himself, who has, “one face here and one face there”. An important part of the method involves suhbah, association – coming together for the sake of Allah, being with the shaykh and his followers for the sake of praising and remembering Him; for the sake of coming to know Him.

This book contains a collection of suhbahs given by the Shaykh of The Way, Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani, to some of his murids, seekers, in two visits to England – Summer 1997 and Ramadan 1997/98. They are presented in chronological order (but not all dated while it was not my intention to make a book at that time). The chronological order is given particular relevancy by the death of Princess Diana – her death brings the subject matter of the talks preceding it starkly home.

I also hoped that it would help to draw the reader into the atmosphere of beauty and mercy which bathes all those who are present when Shaykh Nazim speaks, for the suhbah is a holy meeting in the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty. He has told us, “When My servants meet for My sake, I am with them,” and even one who is just passing through is blessed by the Mercy of Allah Almighty.

“The taps are still connected, and refreshing waters come out of them also in present times, heavenly wisdom we just now are in need of.”

“If you are following an authorized spiritual way, you may quickly reach to a level at which your physical body has no more power over your spiritual body. You will be like a fish that has been returned to the ocean: swimming in the ocean. Otherwise, you will remain like a bird in a cage wishing to escape. To escape.” [p. 109]

“Aim to reach this target: as every river runs, every river runs unto the ocean and on reaching the ocean there is no more running. The rivers’ target is to reach the ocean, when they reach the ocean, they finish. There is no more running. As when a drop falls from the skies – a drop of water or a drop of rain comes unto the ocean – can you find it? When that drop has reached the ocean, can you find it? It has become ocean ... You have been granted one drop from your Lord, one drop of love, one drop of existence – try to give it back to that endless ocean of Love and Existence, the Unity Oceans of the Lord Almighty Allah, then you should be with the Ocean. Never again will you be taken out, never again will you be alone.” [p. 156]

Compiled by Hana Horack

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EAN 13 / ISBN9789963401031
AuthorMawlana Sheikh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani
Year Published2017