Mercy’s Cloak Unfurled: A Commentary on Busiri’s Qasidah Burdah

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A Commentary on Busri's Qasida Burdah by Shaykh Abdul Raheem Limbada.

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About The Book

‘Allamah al-Busiri's timeless ode in praise of the Prophet ﷺ remains the most famed, imitated, and oft-recited Arabic poem. Indeed it has since its inception transcended all borders and regions to adorn the hearts, tongues, and architecture of Muslims across all lands, cultures, and languages. It is the ultimate expression of devotion and love for the Prophet ﷺ.

The great scholars of Islam have long recognized the poem’s capacity to aid in increasing the love for the Prophet ﷺ and attachment with him. As such, countless commentaries and annotations have been written upon it and the mashaikh have long encouraged its teaching, recital, and explanation. Inspired by this, Shaykh Abdul Raheem Limbada [Hafizahullah] presents a beautiful and concise elaboration of the deeper meanings of the poem, explaining its linguistic features, imagery, and context. It is hoped this work will help rekindle love and longing for Rasulullah ﷺ amongst the Ummah.

About The Author

Shaykh Abdul Raheem Limbādā (May Allah preserve him) is a graduate of Darul Uloom Bury. After graduating, he pursued further study at Mazahir ul Uloom, Saharanpur (India). He also studied the science of Ifta (Islamic Jurisprudence). Shaykh has spent more than 30 years teaching and lecturing on the various texts that form the Dars Nizami Curriculum.

For over three decades, Shaykh was appointed as a Senior lecturer of Hadith and Headteacher at Darul Uloom Bury. Shaykh is the founder of Tafseer Raheemi located at HLCE in Bolton, UK. Shaykh has Ijazah to narrate Hadith from Hadhrat Maulana Mohammad Zakariyya (May Allah enlighten his grave) and other Esteemed Scholars.

Shaykh also guides people along the path of Tasawwuf and has authorisation from various great luminaries like Shaykh Yusuf Motala, Shaykh Yunus Jaunpuri and Hadhrat Peer Sahib Rahmatullahi Alayhim. His lessons on tafsir and hadith are broadcasted regularly. Various discourses and Q&A’s are available on his website

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EAN 13 / ISBN9781912301133
AuthorShaykh Abdul Raheem Limbada
PublisherTafseer Raheemi
Year Published2023
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