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The name Mathabah is inspired by verse 125 of Surat al-Baqarah. In this verse, Allāh has called the Ka’bah a mathabah i.e. a place where people can continuously return, take refuge, and congregate. At Mathabah, our institute is open to Muslims of all backgrounds. They are wholeheartedly welcome to come and avail from the courses offered, and the environment provided.

Objectives of the institute

To produce Muslim leaders whose focus is to connect themselves and all those who are around them to Allāh. To produce traditional Islamic scholars, both male and female, who will:

  • Be deeply rooted in the sciences of Islam

  • Advance the existing disciplines of Islam

  • Provide practical solutions to contemporary issues

  • Develop techniques in making Islam relevant and

  • pragmatic for the Muslim community in their social context

The Vision of Mathabah is to make the Mathabah Institute a global benchmark for higher Islamic education.
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