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Al-Baz Publishing provides the best of the "Treasures of Islam" for its readers and English translations of the works of the great saints of Islam, and in particular, the works of Shaikh 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani [died 561 AH], considered by many Muslims to be the greatest of the saints of Islam, hence his title "al-Ghawth al-A'zam"

Al-Baz was founded by Ruslan Moore in 1991. In 1986, after acquiring manuscripts of some of the Shaikh's works and finding that there were almost no English translations available, Ruslan turned to an old friend of more than 30 years, Muhtar Holland, one of the foremost contemporary translators of classical Arabic alive today, and engaged him to make translations for his own personal use. On reading these translations, and being struck by the beauty and wisdom found in them, it became apparent that it would be selfish indeed to keep these for himself, and the idea of a publishing company that would be a means of sharing these gems was born.

Al-Baz was set up almost as a hobby, owing to its existence not to the principal notion of publishing books to make money, but rather for the purpose of supporting the Muslim community with books of truly worthy content in an age where the pressures of the world are very great, and Muslims are hard-pressed to find support for their faith. It is a fact that in the golden age of Islam, some 1000 years ago, Islam was blessed not only with great and wise scholars, but also with many saints whose spiritual stature and wisdom is such that their works touch the inner being of readers to this day, and whose spiritual support is sought by many.

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