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Amana Publications is an Islamic Bookstore that aims to deliver new and interesting Islamic and Muslim-themed products, in the fastest, most efficient way through superior service and competitive prices, all done in an excellent manner, adhering to the natural Islamic tradition Islamic products of integrity in business dealings.

Amana has been in the business of publishing works of religious thinkers and writers of repute for over 20 years. To help people realize a God-conscious life, through wholesome Islamic products and services, in the most exceptional manner. Read by all those in search of Islamic knowledge, both Muslims and non-Muslims, Amana books are a great source of knowledge, insight, inspiration, and interfaith understanding. With nearly 100 published titles, Amana is recognized as a quality publisher of the Holy Qur'an besides Islamic books on wide-ranging topics that also include books for children and young adults. Known for its excellence in printing and a wide selection of books, Amana is today uniquely positioned as the leading source of Islamic knowledge that inspires and educates people of all age groups from all walks of life.

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