Al- Munajah, The Intimate Discourse

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Your heart will find solace in His remembrance and you will attain the joy of receiving His Mercy and Grace.

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Translated for the first time in English with a foreword by Saiful-Islam Ḥasan al-Banna, the son of the late Imām Ḥasan al-Banna , this rare treatise – aptly titled Al-Munâjah (The Intimate Discourse) – focuses on attaining spiritual excellence through establishing qiyâmul-layl (night prayers). Imâm Ḥasan al-Banna successfully weaves deeply touching collection of Qur’ânic verses, aḥadîth, as well as the sayings and supplications of our pious predecessors that elevate the soul beyond the mundane and quenches the thirst for the divine.

Extracts from the Book

The merits and timing of Qiyāmul-Layl

My dear brother,

How pleasant it is to seclude yourself – in the dead of night while people are asleep – for the munâjah (prayer and supplication) of your Lord. In these blessed hours, the entire universe is immersed in silence, the stars have faded and darkness is everywhere. You rise up with your heart awake to remember your Creator and to acknowledge how insignificant and weak you are and how Great and Mighty He is. Thereupon, you will feel the sweetness of being in His presence. Your heart will find solace in His remembrance and you will attain the joy of receiving His Mercy and Grace. With tears flowing from your eyes, you pray to Him sincerely and seek His forgiveness earnestly. In front of Him, you speak of all your needs, since He is the One Who answers all supplications and fulfils all needs. For when He wills that something should happen, it certainly does. In front of Him you stand in prayer, supplicating for the good of this life and the next, the victory of the cause of da`wah, the realisation of all your wishes and hopes, the safety of your country and the well-being of yourself, your family and your brothers in faith. Victory is sought from Allāh, the Mighty, and the Wise.

Qur’ānic verses in this regard

Numerous Qur’ānic verses and authentic aḥadīth have been reported concerning the merits of this auspicious time. True devotees have always been encouraged to make the utmost use of such times by spending them in various forms of voluntary `ibadah (worship). Our righteous predecessors were diligent in not neglecting such great opportunities during which Allāh’s bounty is showered in abundance. At such times, they were either occupied with prayer, immersed in dhikr (remembrance) or busy with supplication.

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