Ramadan Reading List

This year, we are introducing the Ramadan Reading List; 5 books that are perfect for getting you into the headspace to make the most of your Ramadan.

These books are:

Three Treatises: Mutual Reminders,

Good Manners & The Aphorisms

Imam Abdallah Al-Haddad

Revelation: The Story of  Muhammad

Peace be upon him

Meraj Mohiuddin

The Productive Muslim

Mohammed Faris

The Devotion of Imam A-Nawawi

Umar F. Abd-Allah

Al-Shama'il AlMuhammadiyya

Abdul Aziz Suraqah & Mohammed Aslam

During Ramadan we will be focusing on the content of each of these books on social media, exploring different ways you can increase your spiritual strenght and knowledge.

Each book will also on sale for a limited time so use the code RRL21 for 15% off and get your Ramadan reading ready.

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