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The Prophetic Love Bundle

The Prophetic Love Bundle

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Limited Time Offer: The Prophetic Love Bundle

The Prophetic Love bundle is a curated selection of fine texts and objects that aim to help the seeker cultivate a deeper love of our Prophet (SAWS) and enhance adherence to his blessed Sunnah. 

The bundle brings together a selection of six of our best books that shed light on the Prophet (SAWS), his character, attributes and virtues. It includes the following books:

   1. Prophetic Grace by Shaykh Ahmad bin Ajiba
   2. Muhammad: His Character and Beauty by Yusuf Al-Nabhani 
   3. Love for the Messenger Muhammad by Shaykh Nur al-Din 'Itr
   4. Salutations of the Prophetic Portrait by Muhammad Sadiq al-Alawi
   5. Muhammad: A Qur'anic Exposition of his Excellence and Virtues by Al-Nabhani
   6. Reviving the Neglected Sunna by Habib Sa'd Al-Aydarus

It also includes the following complimentary items from the Prophetic Sunnah:

  7. A Yemeni Habirah shawl
  8. A miswak stick and complimentary miswak toothpaste
  9. A Basmala Beads tasbih (sibha) rosary

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Manufacturer Mecca Books
Weight 2.5 lb

Manufacturer Mecca Books
Weight 2.5 lb

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